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Social Issues Application Letter

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While carrying out my internship in ASA college in New York, I helped the students to write better essays. The students there displayed various difficulties in writing in prose. The problems included the observance of grammar and the construction of sentences and paragraphs. Together, we explored the best methods of paragraphing and punctuation. The experience allowed both the students and I to improve the process of essay writing.
The experience highlighted the importance of clarity in communication. The students did not understand some of the things I shared with them. That derailed the process of training, and I had to repeat the same ideas. The insight provided a basis for self-improvement. Ever since then, I have dedicated my time to improving my communication skills in that regard.
On one occasion, I felt I had underperformed in my responsibilities. Between July and August 2018, I worked as a social media assistant for the Harlem community newspaper. The task involved promoting the newspaper through social media. During my tenure in the position, the paper did not get any significant additional recognition in the social media spheres.
Therefore, in response, I researched in the area of social media and its impact on the conventional print industry. The experience showcased the use of social media in the writing industry and why individuals should learn to exploit it. The innovation forms an essential part of m…

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