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Social Issue

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Obesity as a social problem in my community
There are a number of social issues affecting most communities in the United States today. A social issue can be regarded as a problem that has an impact on an individual or the society. One of the social problems in America today is obesity. Obesity is the condition in which a person becomes grossly overweight (fat). It is important to keep an eye on obesity since it has a great deal of consequences that affect us individually and the community at large. Statistics shows that approximately 34.9% (78 million) of adults in America are obese while 17% (12.7 million) of the children are obese (Cynthia et al., 2014). These figures show that obesity is a rising and common issue in our communities today.
The statistics also indicated that the majority of those who were affected were from the middle and the upper class. This is because; these classes have a huge purchasing power to buy foods that cause obesity. In our community, obese has continued to dominate as one of the most common problems and its consequences are utterly felt by the victim’s loved ones since our population is mainly comprised of rich folks who can feed themselves several times a day.
Cause of obesity
According to Dawes (2014), obesity can be caused by factors that can be subdivided into four major categories. These categories include behavioral factors, genetic factors, diseases and drugs and the community environment.

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