Social Injustice From the War on Drugs

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Social Injustice From the War on Drugs

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Social Injustice from the War on Drugs in the United States
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The issue of the social injustice is evident due to the war on drugs. The case is apparent in the United States due to the convictions of the victims. The social injustice can affect the social state of an individual and may contribute to depression on the victims. The social injustice victims have developed adverse effects such as low cognitive development which affects their performance and decision making. The government and other institutions have a responsibility in reducing the aspects of social injustices due to the war on drugs. The inequity affects the minority as well as the individuals from the low and middle-income families. There should be a policy that helps to curtail the social injustices practices due to the war on drugs in the United States.
Issues such as mass criminalization and gender discrimination are among the social injustice due to the war on drugs. Social responsibility plays a critical role in community development and growth. However, drug wars have affected the economic state of a nation due to massive investment of the resources.
The drug wars have caused marginalization as well as the conviction of a large population. The misguided laws on drugs are among the contributing factors for the social injustice. The drug law punishments destroy lives for many people thus being an instance of social injustices. An individual having a crim…

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