Social Inequalities in the Apparel Industry

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Social Inequalities in the Apparel Industry

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Social Inequalities in the Apparel Industry
In the article, Where am I wearing? Timmerman critically analyzes the concept of social inequality among people who make a critical contribution to the society. He analyzes the apparel industries with regards to the treatment of workers who are poorly treated. Apart from the mistreatment, Timmerman notes that the employees are poorly paid. He narrates how he spent numerous resources traversing around the world seeking to understand where some of the products that reach consumers come from. He is perturbed by the ill-treatment of apparel workers in Bangladesh and Honduras (Timmerman 14). The standards of living of these employees are deplorable and substandard. According to Timmerman, the apparel companies should treat their workers in a more humane manner owing to their dedication and hard. Timmerman is shocked to learn that a shirt is stitched in less than five minutes.
Where am I wearing? relates to sociology as it addresses some of the pertinent issues affecting humans. Evidently, sociology is the study of structure, growth, and development as well as the functionality of the human society. Besides, it is the fundamental study of social problems. In this regard, understanding the issues which are facing apparel workers remains center stage in Timmerman’s article. Social inequality is an issue that most people around the world grapple with. For ins…

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