Social Factors and Student Behavior

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Social Factors and Student Behavior

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Social Factors and Student Behavior
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Social Factors and Student Behavior
Socialization is crucial in facilitating either progressive or derogatory student behavior(s). Any child hailing from a dysfunctional household is bound to delineate negative results in their academic life. Children born into families that are categorized as “well-off” are bound to perform better in their school work(s) due to the positivity surrounding their development. Unfortunately, students thriving in poverty are often psychologically distorted by crime and the inability to access the necessary resources (Kim et al., 2014). The inclusion(s) of minorities is an indication of the extent of segregation in different societies. Discriminating against people based on race and socio-economic status interferes with their self-esteem and overall growth (Kim et al., 2014). Truthfully, most of these minorities may never experience redemption if they are consistently placed under the bracket of “inferiority.”
I believe that a student’s household has a significant role(s) to play in their academic performance. For instance, those from well-off families often have enough motivation to work smart in achieving their academic goals. I endorse the far-fetched nature(s) of expecting a student thriving in poverty to emerge at the top of their class. When they lack certain resources such as books, other students from fulfilling backgrounds are bound to surpass them in th…

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