Social and Emotional Intelligence

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Social and Emotional Intelligence

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Social and Emotional Intelligence
Question one
Social and emotional intelligence is related to cultural issues because social intelligence is about the ability to manage men and women to act wisely towards human relations. Similarly, emotional intelligence is about recognizing as well as dealing with personal feelings and feelings of others. Also, emotional intelligence is the “ability to motivate oneself and persist in the face of frustrations in order to control impulse for keeping distress from swamping the thinking ability” (Morrison, 2007). Culture affects emotional adjustments of people and their perception regarding the subjective well-being in different ways. For instance, the Hofstede dimensions on individualism, collectivism, and masculinity show that the individualistic cultures try to emphasize on the personal needs, and therefore, provide more importance to the individual emotions around the globe.
Question two
Despite the deteriorating life of Andres, the case study shows that family members who love he still surrounds him. As a social worker, I will use the concepts of emotional and social intelligence in the case of Andres by possessing the self-awareness, accurate self-assessment, and self-confidence. Furthermore, I will make use of trustworthiness, and adaptability to work with Andres as his life position is drastically changing. In order to adjust with Dr. Andres, I will effectively negotiate on complex social and environmental…

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