Smartphone in Healthcare

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Smartphone in Healthcare

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Smartphone in Healthcare
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Smartphone in Healthcare
The basic assumption on the use of technology in the medical care setting is that it exhibits the potential of improving the quality of services provided by the medical practitioners. The study by Black et al. (2015) indicates that using technology makes it possible to perform tasks that were initially challenging to perform. According to their research findings, smartphones have made it possible to count respiratory rates when treating children and infants (Black et al., 2015). Further research also indicates the significance of the use of smartphones in providing medical care and hence, from an individual perspective, smartphones should be considered as resources for collecting medical information.
Ventola (2014) explains that smartphones and other mobile devices enable the medical practitioners to perform roles that include; the maintenance and access of medical records, administration, consulting and communication, gathering of information and making reference to research in addition to enabling medical education (Ventola, 2014). On a global analysis on the significance of smartphones in the medical setting of developed countries, Mayes and White (2016) explain that the integration of smartphones in the medical setting is viewed to promote collaboration among the medical practitioners in addition to enabling the sharing of files using the mobile devices. The associated view…

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