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Small Group Lesson

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Field Experience B: Week 3 Small Group Lesson
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Field Experience B: Week 3 Small Group Lesson
To ensure that students understand and help me in ensuring that the lesson plan is effective and it yields fruitful results, I will first take them through the entire lesson plan. I will ensure that before I start applying it, they get a general impression and give their views on the plan. This will greatly help in the implementation of the plan as well as its efficiency. Secondly, I will execute the plan systematically. For instance, I will teach the topics as they appear in the plan. Through this, it will be easier to gradually introduce the concept to the students and ensure a strong foundation for other complex concepts in the course of the class (Stigler & Hiebert, 2009). Furthermore, I will ensure that I take into account students views on the plan.
Since time is a crucial factor in this case, I will ensure that it is strictly adhered to avoid collision of different programs in the plan. Each activity will be executed at the required time and in case of any eventuality; I will assess and find out the best time which will not interfere with the schedule. Additionally, I will use the indicated resources to execute the plan. Since these resources are the most preferred, I will introduce them to the students and ensure that the language used as well as the approach in the resources is easy.
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