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SlideNjoy Technology
SlideNjoy Technology
As a student, one has a lot of researching and writing to do on class assignments and projects. To do this, one has to open a lot of links throughout the whole process. The sheer reality of limited “screen real estate” has an annoying way of slowing one down (Athow, 2015). One has to downsize the tabs so that at least two can fit on the laptop screen; this makes the words smaller and harder to read. It gets even slower when several lines of direct quotation need to be made. Since all the tabs cannot fit on one screen without overlapping, one needs to constantly cram and transfer each line in writing. The act of cramming in itself takes some time since not everyone is that gifted; on top of that, the accuracy reduces as some words might be forgotten in the transfer process. What some people do is buy applications that allow them to turn their tablets into additional screens to help combat this problem (DeRuvo, 2015). Tablets still require extra stands to place them at an angle where one does not need to constantly lower their head as they write. Other options like “portable monitors” are available too, but they are too bulky and heavy for comfort (Borghino, 2015). An invention named SlideNjoy might just be the ideal solution to all these challenges; at least for now. This paper discusses the basics of the technology that would enable any interested user access and use it without difficulty.
SlideNjoy is t…

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