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Sleep and dreams

Sleep is a condition that recurs severally every night, at this time the eyes could be closed and the nervous system relatively inactive, consciousness suspends while the postural muscles are relaxed, it is an active period in which processing, restoration, and strengthening occurs(Hobson,2007, P.2). Hobson further describes the historical notion of sleep; he says that it was until 1955 that people came to understand what sleeping was all about, although sleeping and dreaming remains a mystery, but we have a clear notion of what happens during the period. Most people thought of sleep as a passive and dormant part of life while others thought it to be part of a time when one is half dead. When sleeping our brains are quite active, and this is the main reason that we find ourselves dreaming (Hobson, 2007, P. 56-58).
Dreaming Occurs in the mind when one is already asleep. As explained in the above paragraph the brain stays busy overseeing a variety of biological maintenance that helps to keep our body running in top condition preparing us for the next day. Keats (2009) explains dreams as a succession of ideas, ideas and emotions that occur in the mind during certain stages of sleep. He asserts that one cannot control his mind on whether to dream or not. The quality of someone’s sleep affects many aspects of life that includes; waking life, productivity, mental sharpness, creativity, weight and physical vitality.
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