Should Students be free?

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Should Students be free?

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There are varied views by different individuals regarding the question on whether students should be allowed complete autonomy in their learning. For Rodgers, a founder of humanistic philosophy, children should be granted the freedom to make their choices. He argues that allowing students’ autonomous decision-making promotes their learning. According to Rodgers, students’ success in learning is largely determined by their perceived inner meaning and personal curiosity. Natural curiosity and motivation in learning can be enhanced by allowing them the chance to own their decisions. (Abbeduto, Symons, & Symons, 2007).
According to Skinner, a founder of behaviorism, students should not be given complete autonomy. He terms as an illusion the perceived notion that students can be given complete freedom to own their choices. Skinner criticizes the idea that there is anything like inner freedom. Several external factors shape students’ motivations towards learning. Hence, Skinner argues that students need to be controlled in many aspects of learning. They need to be helped through the processes of decision-making to enhance their motivation to learn. (Abbeduto, Symons, & Symons, 2007).
Several motivational factors can influence students’ learning, many of which students may not have full control. While it is important to encourage students’ autonomy, parents’ and teachers’ efforts …

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