should smoking be allowed at public gathering? no, why

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should smoking be allowed at public gathering? no, why

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Factors that Influence the Development of Innovation within Large International Consumer Goods Organization

Should Smoking in public be allowed?
Smoking in public should not be allowed at all. Smoking on itself is a vice that should be discouraged among the population. It should be discouraged owing to its adverse effect that putt time the people who smoke down. At times, smokers die as a result of the toxicity of the substance smoked. Therefore, I oppose with strongest terms possible that smoking should be allowed in public. Smoking entails inhaling smoke from drugs like tobacco, bhang among others that are toxic and classified as hard drugs that are a cause of very dangerous effects on the body and the environment. The reasons people should not smoke in public explained below.
Smoking in public results in air pollution that exposes living organisms to its danger. It is evident that tobacco that commonly smoked in cigarettes contains four thousand dangerous chemicals that when breathed out by the smoker and released to the environment. The particles could find themselves settles on the leaves of the plants. As a result, they particles could block the pores meant for photosynthesis or poison the plant. The plant could also absorb the particles, and when fed on by the primary producers, the animals could get poisoned. It is also worth noting that the micro-organisms in the air also get intoxicated, and this leads to interference with the…

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