Should recreational marijuana be legal in NJ

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Should recreational marijuana be legal in NJ

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Recreational Marijuana should be legalized in New Jersey
According to the US constitution, marijuana is an illegal drug classified as a Schedule I substance because it has no proven medicinal value and has a high potential of being abused. In fact, today, the drug remains the most popular in the country. Despite its legal status, at least, 48% of the US population has access to the drug. A recent survey proved that its accessibility by high school students stands at 6.5%. Since the federal government mandates state governments to use their authority to outlaw or decriminalize the use, cultivation, transportation and sale of the drug, its use for medicinal and recreational use has been subject to debate (Anderson, Hansen & Rees 36)). Different states have come up with legislations to outlaw completely its, use, partially allow people to use it for medicinal or recreational purposes or allow complete use. So far, only four the states have legalized recreational marijuana-Washington, Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon. This paper argues for the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey.
As a state, New Jersey has not outlawed the use of recreational marijuana. However, in 2010, the state decriminalized medical marijuana when it enacted the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act.
Today, the pressure is mounting on the state government to legalize recreational marijuana because it is not as bad…

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