Should physician assisted suicide be legalized

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Should physician assisted suicide be legalized

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Should Physician-Assisted Suicide be Legalized?
Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is a word synonymous with a heinous death sentence for some group of people while, for others, it epitomizes the act of love for ending the agony of a loved one suffering from a life-threatening illness. PAS refers to the intentional act of ending a patient’s life by a physician after providing the patient with the counseling or required knowledge for the procedure. The legalization debate for PAS predominantly centers on compassionately relieving a patient of the suffering and pain, curtailing accrued medical costs, and protecting doctors. This medical procedure has erupted dire public concern from different groups such as the clergy, the human rights agencies, political class, the medical fraternity, and citizens. This point of disagreement cuts across the moral, ethic, and legal dimensions. The clergy, for instance, bases their argument from a moral perspective, as they believe that ending an individual’s life is tantamount to killing and goes against the sacred nature of life, which is given or taken way by only God, but not man (Carr 66). The ethical argument involved the medical practice of physicians with organizations such as American Medical Association maintaining that the practice is inconsistent with ethical obligations of physicians.
The legal discontentment for PAS arises from the fact the request to have an individual’s life taken contrav…

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