Should parents be allowed to choose the sex of their children?

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Should parents be allowed to choose the sex of their children?

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Should Parents Select the Sex of their Siblings?
Children sex selection is a controversial topic across the world, and it is viewed as both a blessing and a curse. As a blessing, the parents are given the liberty to choose what gender of children they want to bear. However, there is quite a good population that views the exercise and vice in the society that leads to sex imbalance in the society as well as an evil for religious matter; ’playing God.’ The sex selection though not banned or accepted in some countries continue to happen outside those countries. For instance in the UK, the couples go overseas to be treated for sex selection of their children since there lacks a regulation for that practice und the laws of the land.
Sex selection occurs under three stages, abortion, and sperm sorting before conception as well as via IVF treatment carried out before embryogenesis. Sperm sorting is a new technique and it is not regulated or banned in the United Kingdom since it doesn’t involve the donation of sperms or the creation of embryos outside the woman’s body (MailOnline).
Literature Review
According to US researchers, there is a unique and new technique in which couples are virtually guaranteed the gender of the fetus. The technique offers 90% guarantee of accuracy in sex selection for unborn babies. This sounds a sound milestone especially to couples who opt to have a s…

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