Should one be judged on their social media post?

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Should one be judged on their social media post?

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Judging on Social Media
As we all know, before hiring an individual most organizations tend to conduct background checks on the potential employees’ criminal records, previous employers’ details and educational qualifications. Some of the organizations even go a step further to check the individuals’ social pages in an attempt to get to know them “better.” Likewise, before posting a comment or an image on any social media platform, most people find themselves in situations where they are wondering whether to post or not. Others even stop for a minute to imagine what others would think of them. Judging others based on their social media postings is affecting most people as they fear criticism. Therefore, people should not be judged on their social media post because this habit kills creativity, the posts may not be an accurate reflection of others, and we should not judge others in the first place.
Judging others on their social media posts kills creativity. We need more people who are free to express themselves. We need people who can contribute their ideas, gifts, and creativity. This is to mean that individuals should be free to share their opinions in the social media. However, bombarding others with negative comments or even judging them for posting something is likely to affect others in the sense that they may become less inclined to use their creativity especially in coming up with solutions that may be beneficial to all of us.
Social media is in most cases an o…

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