Should american accept Syria refugees?

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Should american accept Syria refugees?

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American should accept Syrian refugees
Since World War Two, the Middle East region has been tossed into endless wars and conflict. The conflict has had vast consequences of displacing people and leading to mass mortality. The question of the Middle East has been difficult to solve with the many emerging terror groups due to the conflicting nature of the region. Recently, a Syrian terrorist group labeled ISIS emerged and unleashed terror on civilians. Many people think that the group has majorly targeted non-Muslims. However recent findings indicate that the terror group has sought to terrorize civilians regardless of religion and nationality. The emergence of the ISIS has translated to a refugee situation, a complex phenomenon facing contemporary political systems, both locally and internationally. There has emerged a mass exodus of Syrian refugees seeking to settle in the United States of America. The question as to whether the United States should allow refuges into the nation has aroused much controversy in the political quarters. The recent terror attack on Paris, the French capital, has reignited the debate with many leaders questioning the safety of the American citizens if they accepted the refugees. In his article, George Skelton highlights the fact that 30 governors, mostly republicans, stated that they would not allow Syrian refugees into the states they represent (Skelton, para. 1). This paper seeks to highlig…

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