Should abortion be legal?

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Should abortion be legal?

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Why Abortion Should Be Legal
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Why Abortion Should be Legal
Abortion refers to the cessation of a given pregnancy. A legal abortion may be carried out up to the sixteenth week of pregnancy. After sixteen weeks are over, many surgeons or physicians do not accept performing the act unless the pregnancy poses some adverse risks, which may result in specific complications to the mother. However, even when these conditions appear, it is dangerous to act on abortion. Nowadays abortion has been viewed as a usual norm in the lives of people. It has been recommended as a convenient and most comfortable way that helps in doing away with either accidental or unwanted pregnancies. However, the act of abortion must never be misconceived for its suitability since it has a measure of disadvantages and advantages as well. This paper discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of abortion and uses the evaluation between both to argue about why abortion should be legal.
Pros of Abortion
Numerous advantages are associated with abortion, especially to the lives of women. One significant advantage is that abortion is viewed as being right for women who choose what needs to be performed with their body and life. When people are not allowed to take control of their bodies and themselves, then there is no relevance to having rights and freedom. The other factor that makes abortion to be considered legal is the issue of cases involv…

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