Shortage of nurses in the United States

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Shortage of nurses in the United States

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Shortage of Nurses in the United States
Identification of the Issue
Workload is an issue that has been witnessed in the nursing industry for a long time in the United States. The issue of shifts and working hours has led to a significant shortage of nurses in the health sector. Study research done in most hospitals in the United States found that nurses worked for 37hours across all roles in the hospital. It is an indication of the workload that is evident in most hospitals across the United States. The workload has led to many nurses to leave their jobs and seek alternative careers. The issue of pay has also been identified as another factor that has led to the shortage of nurse in the United States. The pay structure of some hospitals can be considered low, which has resulted in nurses seeking alternative jobs for better wages. Lack of advanced technology is some of the hospitals is another issue that has caused the shortage of nurses.
Analyzing the Solutions
Developing public and private partnerships is one of the solutions that can curb the shortage of nurses in the United States. It is a strategy that includes the increase of resources to facilitate services in the health sector. Due to high demand for nurses in the health sector, it is necessary for both the private and public sector to increase funding to allow for more hiring. The funding should also be increased in many learning institutions to increase the number of classes and tutors due t…

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