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Short story

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“Tariff of 1828.”
In the history of the United States, 1828 is a year to remember. John Quincy Adams was the president during this era when the famous “Tariff of 1828” was passed by the U.S Congress to act as a “protective tariff”. Its main aim was to protect industries in the northern part of the U.S. The southerners termed it as the “Tariff of Abomination” due to the effects it caused to the southern economy. This essay composes a discussion between three senators representing three regions, discussing the “Tariff of 1828.” From the discussion, the definition of terms such as tariffs, ‘revenue’ and ‘protective’subject to tariffs will be obtained, the benefits and hindrances of tariffs, and the stand of each senator’s region on the issue of tariffs and the reason behind the stand.
North East senator, “Tariffs are any form of taxes imposed on goods and services imported from foreign countries”.
Midwest senator, “Agrees with the definition of tariffs and add that it is a way through that the government acquires revenue to finance its programs”.
South Senator, “The government, uses tariffs as a protective measure to safeguard the local goods from competition arising from cheap imported goods”.
Benefits and disadvantages of tariffs
North East Senator, “Local consumers and producers, benefit from price increments caused by competition from…

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