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Short assignment 4

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The Concept of Universal Human Rights as Discussed by Jack Donnely
The concept of universal human rights is a contentious one. Its definition and application have been made difficult by the fact that it contains numerous facets that attract debate among stakeholders in the world. Some scholars argue that the mere idea of universal human rights is a reinforcement of the neo-colonialist arguments which obliquely signify Western hegemony over the developing world. However, a more convincing and understandable description of universal human rights has been enumerated by Jack Donnely in his book, “Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice.” One of his major and most relevant arguments is that universal human rights are a potential global reality which requires human intervention to achieve. Therefore, this paper focuses the meaning of this assertion and how Donnely explains it.
Ideally, the contemporary debates surrounding the concept of humanitarian intervention refute suggestions that term universal human rights as unattainable. According to Donney (2007, p.36), “the state is the central institution available for effectively implementing internationally recognized human rights.” In short, universal human rights are an international issue and states are required to put in place mechanisms to incorporate the universally accepted and approved human rights.
In my opinion, the claim by Donnely is relevant and …

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