Short Answer: Funding in Research for topic

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Short Answer: Funding in Research for topic

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Funding for Research

Using one of the two articles you just read, explain in two to three full sentences why you think scientific evidence provided by Patterson or by researchers examining the effects of second-hand cigarette smoke was countered so strongly by the significant petroleum and tobacco companies.
According to the articles, there have been many studies and literature written concerning the effect of second-hand cigarettes smoke. However, it is unfortunate the tobacco industry counter-attacks the evidence since they are more focused on profits rather than health effects of the consumer.
The tobacco company is among the biggest industries in the world, and it wants to dominate in been multibillion-dollar commerce. Tobacco industry to be relevant, there are many advertising tactics and research that are needed to push information to the consumers. In this regard, every year, millions of dollars are channeled towards research of smoking and second-hand smoking.
The tobacco company knows very well that if the studies were published and circulated to the public, their business would be affected negatively by approximately 30 percent. From the studies that were funded in the 1990s, it showed that secondhand smoke leads to atherosclerosis including other diseases, the company that financed the research withdrew the funding. It is an indication that most the industries that fund research have a set objective that benefit themselves…

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