She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron

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She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron

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She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron
A poem has an artistic flow of rhythm and meter. Therefore, poetry can be described as being written in metrical form, which leads to the creation of unique rhythm lines. Poetry has elements such as rhythm, rhyme scheme, stanza and theme that a poet uses to write a poem. Besides, a poem contains sound devices and figurative languages like similes, metaphor, personification, alliteration, and assonance. The poem “She Walks in Beauty” has three stanzas with four lines each. Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty” has employed these elements of poetry.
The central poem theme is beauty. The poem gives a clear description of a woman, which the poet considers as beauty. He compares the beauty of a woman to the beauty of nature “She Walks in Beauty, Like the Night” (Lord 1). By use of a simile, Byron associates the beauty of a woman with nature. Furthermore, he uses assonance to how the woman is calm, quiet but has eloquent blushes. The sound “o” brings harmony in the line “So soft, so calm, yet eloquent” (Lord 1). Lastly, he uses a regular and simple rhyme scheme to bring musicality to the poem. The rhyme scheme of the poem is ababab, cdcdcd, and efefef for the first stanza, second stanza, and last stanza respectively.
The form of the poetry is ode because the poet is commemorating the beauty of a woman throughout the poem. Besides, the poem is generally about the link betwee…

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