She Said What?!

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She Said What?!

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She Said What?!
Emails, letters, memos, and other forms of communication serve a broad range of purposes. While some are written to pass congratulatory messages of hiring or promotion, others air our grievances and complaints in the workplace. Regardless of the intentions, effective writing for the workplace entails recognizing your audience. Before composing an email, report, letter, or memo, you should decide the details that must be included in the writing depending on the character of recipients. After determining the message to be conveyed, ensure the use of concise language to avoid wordiness and vagueness. Likewise, punctuation and grammatical mistakes compromise the credibility of communication. Since most errors arise due to insufficient proofreading, you should invest in good grammar books and applications such as Grammarly to get rid of common mistakes related to the misuse of apostrophes, commas, and incomplete sentences. Importantly, ensure effective use of passive voice and gender-neutral writing to maintain professionalism.
Mistakes such as sending random, inappropriate, or unfinished emails are a common phenomenon in the workplace. For a short period, I worked at the company, I accidentally sent emails to my colleagues and boss before they were finished. I also received several emails that were sent to me unintentionally. Since it is difficult to retrieve such emails, you should focus on stepping up and apologi…

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