Shangri La Case Study

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Shangri La Case Study

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Level: Masters

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righttopFACULTY OF BUSINESS, ECONOMICS AND LAWINDIVIDUAL COURSEWORK COVERSHEETCoursework DetailsModule Name and Code Hospitality, Tourism and Events Operating Systems MANM156
Coursework Title Final Assessment – Individual Report
Deadline 12th January 2015 Word Count 3000
Student DetailsStudent URN(7 digit number on Uni card) ************** Student Name ***************
Programme MSc Tourism Management
Student DeclarationTo be agreed by Student
Please refer to the University of Surrey Regulations for the Conduct of Examinations and Other Forms of Assessments and your departmental Student Programme Handbook for more information on Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism.
I confirm that the submitted work is my own work and that I have clearly identified and fully acknowledged all material that is entitled to be attributed to others (whether published or unpublished) using the referencing system set out in the programme handbook. I agree that the University may submit my work to means of checking this, such as the plagiarism detection service Turnitin® UK. I confirm that I understand that assessed work that has been shown to have been plagiarised will be penalised.
By completing and submitting this form, I confirm that:
I have read and fully understand the University’s Regulations and guidance on Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism
This submission is my own work
All quotes and sources have been fully and properly attributed and referenced
This work ha…

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