Shady & Terrible Employment Law Memorandum

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Shady & Terrible Employment Law Memorandum

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To: Mrs. Phalanges
From: Shady & Terrible
Subject: Shady & Terrible Employment Discrimination
Dear Mrs. Phalange your conduct as an employer has been found to be wanting and you are accused of employment discrimination. This is in regard to your most recent assistant, Tag. You have been found to have ignored countless warnings that have been presented to you in the past, concerning you sexually harassing your staff. By firing your assistant because he refused to take you out to dinner is not a base for termination, but a very strong one for a civil suit against you and your company. Because of your actions you created a hostile working environment and made your employee uncomfortable.
The EEOC defines employment harassment as a bias against an employee due to their gender, age, sex, race or religion. The EEOC further describes your misconduct, by asking for inappropriate favors from your employees also by calling your employee’s behind sweet little toushie, as sexual harassment. Also, according to the Civil Rights Act Title VII your actions are found to be wanting. The two federal laws define sexual harassment as seeking, or intimidating people, like coworkers, for sexual favors, or any verbal or physical advances of a sexual nature that create an uncomfortable or hostile environmentCITATION The10 l 1033 (The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).
Mr. Tag has sought out the assistance of EEOC and therefore, seeks to annul his termin…

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