Sexual versus asexual reproduction

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Sexual versus asexual reproduction

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Sexual Versus Asexual Reproduction
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Sexual Versus Asexual Reproduction
In many living organisms, sexual reproduction is the only form of reproduction. In basic terms, nearly all organisms falling under eukaryotes reproduce sexually through fertilization and the meiosis process to produce offspring which have identical genes to their parents. For the sexual reproduction to take place, there should be both the male and female organisms. The male organisms mate with the female ones; in this case, the fertilization process is bound to happen after the mating process. Once the fertilization occurs, the fertilized cells undergo the process of meiosis. Under this process, it leads to the generation of new genetically unique cells identified as gametes. The produced gametes contain half the number of chromosomes as the mother cells. Sexual reproduction, therefore, is the creation of a new unique organism, through the fusion of the genetic material of two or more organisms. Additionally, through sexual reproduction, organisms can produce genetically-diverse progenies’ that are dissimilar from their parents. Thus, it enables them to have a better chance of survival in the ever-changing environment and the ecosystems (Tabata et al., 2016).
On the other hand, the asexual method presents a unique form of reproduction: that is, the organisms in this category do not require mating partners to produce offspring. Instead, they reproduce through asexual layin…

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