Sexual Assault in the US Army

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Sexual Assault in the US Army

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Sexual Assault in the US Military
“Sexual abuse has been defined as the performing of any form of nonconsensual sexual act on another individual, whether in the shape of bodily harm, use of false pretense to acquire sexual favors, intimidation and infliction of fear on the victim or the performance of any sexual acts on a person who is unable to provide verbal consent (Kelley, Schwerin, Farrar, & Lane, 170).”
According to Kelley, Schwerin, Farrar, & Lane (2015), rape and sexual assault in the US military has been a pervasive issue that is still very prevalent today. With the increasing cases today, the proactive measures taken are wanting. The militant institution has proved to be incompetent in solving the issue internally and has now become a matter of national concern. In 2012, the case of military sexual assault reports rose by six percent, reaching a record 3,374 in 2012, although intimate research shows that the cases exceed 26,000 situations in a year but go unreported (Nelson, 217). It is only the rise of the high profile sexual assault charges that moved the Department of Defense to take stringent measures aimed at giving the victims the justice they deserve.
The culture of violence embedded among the people is the resultant of the rate of sexual assault that takes place. The rate at which violence and violent behavior has been accepted in the military also contributes to the reduced rates of reported crimes. Unlike in…

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