Setting and Stage Directions

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Setting and Stage Directions

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Setting in Trifles
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Setting in Trifles
The setting of a play or any other literary work is aimed at ensuring that the readers or the audience (in the event of a play) can get clues of what is happening. In Trifles, the play was aimed at providing at aiding in getting the solution to the literary problem of the play that is, getting to know the events that occurred in Minnie and John Wright’s home that led to the death of John who has been confirmed to have been murdered. The house was not Mrs. Wright’s dream house because she says that: “…stayed away because it weren’t cheerful […]. I’ve never liked this place” (Glaspell, 2013). The general setting (the place) of the play is a rural farmhouse located in the state of Iowa. The events of the play are much displayed in the kitchen and from the stage directions, the season of the play is winter in the year 1900 (Glaspell, 2013). The setting is confined in a common place that is, the house at the rural farm home. The restriction of the setting limits the potential of the characters in the process of giving out their full potential in their acting. More so space is limited to the kitchen, defines how the ideas of the characters are limited in their thoughts with no one thinking beyond the house for the murder suspect. The use of light in the stage creates the change of characters on the stage and also aids in creating a sense of importance especially when the lights are full lit. The u…

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