Serving Common Humanity Nursing

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Serving Common Humanity Nursing

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Serving Common Humanity
My call to serve humanity originates from my desire to make a change to the society. Throughout my life, I have noted that the world contains a lot of suffering that emanates from human activities such as war and natural occurrences such as diseases. My disposition to help others derives from my empathetic personality. I believe in human rights and preserving the dignity of other people regardless of their situation as the old and sick require the attention and help of the society. Such people have a right to receive the highest levels of medical care and emotional attention to prolong their lives and encourage their recovery. My strong moral conscience dictates that the weak and helpless in the society should receive respect even in their desperate hours. I will achieve the goal by treating patients without any racial, or religious discrimination. The considerate and compassionate treatment of patients will help to create a positive experience for the sick and elderly which may lead to the elevated happiness of humanity (Agarwal, Pirani and Mirza 6). As a nurse, the process of enriching the lives of other people in society will help to create a sense of satisfaction and responsibility.
Work Cited
Agarwal, Swati, Alifia Pirani, and Sadaf Mirza. “Empathy, Compassion, and Quality of Life in Nursing and Medical Students.”

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