Services Provided to the Elderly in Singapore

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Services Provided to the Elderly in Singapore

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Services Provided to the Elderly in Singapore

Services Provided to the Elderly in Singapore
There are various social service agencies that tend to take care of the needy and the elderly. The main reason for doing this is to ensure a strong community. These services are provided for many reasons, but this paper will discuss how they are offered a look at a few organizations that offer these services and look at the impact they have on the volunteers that offer them. It will also look at the programs offered by these agencies to provide these services, how the seniors are engaged in the programs and the roles they play on the volunteers. Helping the elderly is part of making them feel they are active in the community and is part if Singapore traditions (Market Asia Pacific, 2004). Tentatively, the paper will delve into the issue of aged care in consideration of three centers:
• Pertapis Senior Citizens Fellowship Home
• SAGE Counseling Centre
• Renci Community Hospital

Across the board, the abovementioned organizations offer similar services. As such, their discussion can be undertaken under the described sub-headings.
The services offered to the elderly include:
Home-based Services
These are the services that are provided to the fragile homebound elderly. They are provided to those who are too weak to move. Their inability to move could stem from afflictions, but are mostly embedded in their age. With the passage of time, most body organs are unable to keep u…

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