Separation Anxiety Disorder

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Separation Anxiety Disorder

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Separation Anxiety Disorder: An Overview
According to Kossowsky, Pfaltz, and Schneider, separation anxiety disorder (SAD) is characterized by excessive and persistent fear or anxiety over removal from familiar surroundings or close proximity to attachment figures 768). Separation anxiety disorder in childhood and adulthood is considered developmentally inappropriate if it is beyond the individual’s development level need for proximity to the attachment figures (Milrod, Markowitz and Gerber 35). Separation Anxiety Disorder is frequently diagnosed in children and has a low lifetime prevalence with rates between 4.1% to 5.1% (Kossowsky, Pfaltz and Schneider 768). While separation anxiety is considered a normative part of the developmental process due to the inherent dependency nature of children, SAD has negative implications on the child’s emotional and social well-being as it can result in avoidance of specific activities, places and experiences essential for healthy development (Ehrenreich, Santucci and Weiner 389). SAD also affects the family as a child suffering from the disorder may cause significant interference of everyday life and social well-being of the child. This paper will give a brief overview of the symptoms, etiology, diagnosis, treatment and the clinical implications of the disorder.
While fear and anxiety are considered a common occurrence in everyday situations, individuals wit…

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