Seneca Falls Conference

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Seneca Falls Conference

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Seneca Falls Conference
According to Stanton, Seneca Falls women rights convention was held in New York in the year 1848. The document outlines fundamental rights that should be accorded the American women since it was an entitlement to all citizens and it was signed by 68 women and 32 men (Stanton 4). Consequently, the Seneca Falls convention marked the commencement of the women rights movement in the U.S.
The following three were most grievous issues:
The declaration commenced by articulating the equality of all men and women and reiterated that both have inherent rights in the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life (Cokely 1). This was an equal entitlement to all the citizens of the U.S as entitle in the declaration of independence and thus regardless of gender, all U.S citizens are inherent to these rights. Secondly, the declaration pointed out that women were going through inhumane oppressions not only from the patriarch society but also from the government thought they were an integral part of it (Cokely 1). Subjecting any human to any kind of oppression in terms of punishment lower payment among others is uncalled for and is considered disrespect to human rights.
The third grievous of concern was the lack of women suffrage. In the then U.S society and government, though women were argued to hold equal rights with men, it was evident that there were poorly represented in government, were not accorded the right to vote which was …

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