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Self Reflection

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Volkswagen Ethical Issue
Every business organization must ensure that their products, services, and activities are not harmful to the society. In the recent years, there has been advocacy on environmental conservation. Any organization whose activities are not in line with environmental conservation requirements should compensate through corporate social responsibility actions that correct the damage they cause (Kizza, 2010 p.35). All executives and managers in today’s global workplace should ensure that all the workers make ethical decisions that are in the interests of the environment and the society and whose effects will be felt in the long-run.
In this case, Volkswagen Corporation must produce cars that comply with the emission standards. It has been attempting to crack the United States diesel market and has consequently become a major seller in the market. The company, however, deceived the market by developing car software that falsifies the data. This is against their obligation regarding the environmental conservation. The deontological ethical theory can explain the unethical act. Every person or corporation is expected to fulfill their duties as well as obligations when they are faced with decisions where ethics is in play (Kizza, 2010 p.35). They are expected to make a decision that protects the wellbeing of the other individual and the society at large. For ins…

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