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Self-image can have an impact on almost all aspects of your life, especially your profession. It has both a positive and negative influence on one’s career. For instance, the positive impact of self-image increases performance, and it leads to a strong sense of identity (Horowitz, 2014). For example, I enjoyed working in my previous institution as most problems that came my way got solved easily. With a positive, healthy self-image, it led me to work hard, and I was satisfied with my job. It improved my performance as I made valuable contributions to my profession as I had the as strong sense of identity.
The negative self-image is identified with the profession, and they are pessimistic about their potential. For instance, I do not like my profession as I believe some factors are pinning me down to explore other better opportunities. For example, I believed a lack of training and experience denied me a chance to explore better opportunities. Being a person with the pessimistic attitude, I fail to chase down opportunities, and thus, no growth and remain in the same position in my profession. With this, I was a poor performer, henceforth, pessimistic attitude towards potential.
Some results come with positive and negative influence on self-image. For instance, there is the effect on performance, career choices, and a sense of identity. With a negative impact on self-image, a person will lose a sense of identity and have a pessimistic at…

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