Self-esteem 2

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Self-esteem 2

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A. The ability to utilized self-esteem can assist individuals to overcome depression. It has been recorded that many people cannot tolerate failure, abusive relationships, negative comments, and stressful situations. People with low self-regard are at risk of intense depression that can result in suicide incidences. Therefore, people are always encouraged to motivate people with low self-esteem by ensuring that they embrace self-love and believing in being successful.
Marilyn Monroe said,” Trying to make yourself someone else is complete destruction of the person you are” (Goodreads Inc, 1).

Personal story
Consequently, many people have always called me manipulative and selfish at a different level of my life. This is because I will never accept defeat or take any abuse incident lightly. I enjoy all positive attributes such as being smart, clean, cute and rich. However, I do not take any negative attributes lightly, and I have always ended up fighting with people due to petty abuse that I could have assumed or cared less about. Psychologist calls my condition self-serving bias. It is a continuous behavior where an individual attributes good events to their personality but bad attribute event to other people or outside factors (Fennell & Melanie, 134). It is a self-esteem adjustment strategy for some people. Hence, it is caused by my ability to boost my self-esteem while avoiding negative results.

Self-esteem issues are the reasons why people appear …

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