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Self Essay

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College Admission
As long as I engage my mind, I have dreamed of the computer world. While others see experimentation, engineering and presentation of science practices as a chore, I only find a deep excitement. Even as a child, science-related projects were a precious joy that has grown with me. Most of my life, I have stayed in Kansas. I have gradually gained a deep passion in computer science practices while in these areas, where I wanted to be part of problem-solving in these economically depressed communities. I had carefully examined the globe in terms of technology, and I found that my community is one of the disadvantaged, and they need passionate individuals to help in balancing with the rest of the world. Whenever I join my father’s workplace, I am always motivated by the technological application of radiography that he controls with computers and he is also one of the key people supporting me to achieve my dream.
The Computing industry has become exciting, attractive and prosperous as employers prospects each day. It covers a broad range of modern applications just as my interest in the subject. I look at computer science as a door to new realms of computer technology, where highly demanding and challenging work may harvest equivalent level of rewards.
My knowledge has tremendously grown over the past three years due to the areas and practices offered by the school, and I believe this course, as an opportunity to broaden my knowledge and gain new skills. Par…

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