Self-Critique as a Support Manager at Walmart 3rd Shift

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Self-Critique as a Support Manager at Walmart 3rd Shift

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A self-critique on my leadership.
I am a support manager at Walmart 3rd Shift. In this essay, I review my leadership skills based on the ten qualities of effective leaders. A good leader has the following characteristics: He should be able to lead well. He should be a good communicator. He should be able to have good relationships with the employees and the customers and be able to maintain those relationships. In addition, a good leader is one who is familiar with the industry the company is in. Also, a leader should know who is qualified for which positions and assign duties accordingly. Furthermore, a good leader should have integrity and honesty .He or she should also know how to manage his time properly. Also, good leaders are committed to their work. Good leaders should be confident enough especially when making decisions for the company. Finally, good leaders should have it in them to see a solution in the midst of a problem.
From the above features of effective leadership, I conclude that although I do not have all the traits above, I possess most, therefore I am a good leader. Through the many years I have worked for Walmart, I have gained a lot of knowledge about the industry and hence I am familiar with it. I uphold integrity and honesty in my work and hence my employees and clients trust. Besides, I am a problem solver. I have managed to lead the company effectively for 6 months besides the many challenges I have faced. I continue…

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