Self awareness Self Esteem

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Self awareness Self Esteem

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Self-Awareness and Self Esteem
While self-esteem and self-awareness may be two different things, self-esteem assists me in making sure I am fully aware of what self of me I am supposed to be (Fricke and Fredrick, n.p). Similarly, self-awareness enables me to develop high self-esteem. Therefore, self-esteem is where I have genuine self-love, self-respect, as well as a self-encouragement. Self-awareness, on the other hand, is where I am in a position to be conscious, perceive and feel all that surrounds me. The ability to discern what can and cannot build me.
I have learned self-awareness – which has contributed to my self-esteem- from parents and lecturers as they motivate me a lot. As a result, with self-awareness, I can know what I want in life, what and who inspires me, my strengths and weaknesses, how I see myself as a person, my beliefs, and values, as well as how to relate with other people without necessarily causing disputes. Again, my high self-esteem helps me shine in all what I try to do (Fricke and Fredrick, n.p). Be it in class grades, sports, drama and musical festival, and poetry I always make sure I emerge a star. I mean, I don’t have to feel very low of myself to the extent that I can’t even stand in front of my class to present a simple group discussion work, nor fear to exhibit my self-written poem.
In conclusion, self-awareness and self-esteem has and still helps me achieve my goals. Therefore, I would encourage any…

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