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While self-awareness is probably the most valuable competence in leadership, it is the least discussed quality of an effective leader. Self-awareness means that a person is conscious of what they are good at while at the same time acknowledging their shortcomings. This also involves accepting one’s mistakes and admitting when one is not able to provide all the solutions. However, in the ever-competitive environment, this skill is seen as a counterintuitive. Most leaders operate and belief that they must appear to know everything or else the people under them will question their abilities or diminish them as ineffective leaders. This is, therefore, an essential skill that one should master to become an effective nursing leader (Musselwhite 2). It is an integral part of emotional intelligence that makes a person able to not only understand their emotions and feelings but to also use them to influence their peers as well as those people below them. In the context of a nurse leader, self-awareness means that they should be able to understand that their emotions and attitude directly affect and influence other people that they are leading. Although it is easy to pretend to be able to solve everything, admitting that sometimes you don’t know how to do other things will not only benefit you but the entire organization as well. In addition to this, self-awareness also improves a person strengths while inc…

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