Segmenting Canadian Society

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Segmenting Canadian Society

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Segmenting Canadian Society
The Canadian society or the Canadian market is demographically segmented depending on the population and the kind of jobs that are available in Canada (The Globe and Mail, 2018, np). According to the job market, the greater population represented in the job market are the middle age individuals. The demographic segmentation has made the seller to be prepared for the type of good that is highly purchased in the market. For example, the middle age individual is likely to use their products more often since they are the working class and therefore they can purchase these products as compared to the youths who are unemployed or those that have a low number of the employed population. The yearly birth rate of the population in the country is around 1% and that result to around three hundred and fifty thousand children being born yearly and therefore it makes the market to be aware of the products of the young ones to bring in the market on annual basis (The Globe and Mail, 2018, np). On the other hand, most of the youths in Canada are unemployed, and in most cases, they are involved in the use of the illicit drugs such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Similarly the same less fortunate groups are very energetic, but since there are limited jobs to help sustain them, they are mostly involved in the criminal cases such as robbery and theft to enable them to get their daily living income.
There are several advantages being experienced in the Canadian societ…

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