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Personal Constructs
The world people live in is the same for everyone, but people tend to perceive and experience it in different ways. As a result, individuals often develop personal constructs concerning how events unveil or how they are expected to unveil. Through such constructs, individuals try to make sense of their experiences and observations (Bannister, Donald & John 59). George Kelly, a psychologist, describes personality to be composed of a variety of mental constructs by which every individual develops a perception of reality. According to Kelly, people formulate a set of personal constructs, upon which they base mental representations that they use in to interpret events.
It is evident that we tend to see others in different ways that are distorted by our experiences, wishes, and needs. Such misperceptions often prove to be the base of conflicts, arguments, and wars since our actions follow our perceptions making us generate a response in kind if at all we perceive other people as evil and act accordingly (Bannister, Donald & John 59). Some circumstances, for instance, the conflict in Vietnam can be argued to have had been a consequence of misperception resulting in war. Every human behavior rests on psychological behaviors, and differing perceptions lead to arguments.
At the international level, until recently, Soviet foreign policy and the United States knew each other well and accurately judged their respective anta…

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