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Amendments to the Current US Constitution
The current United States Constitution seems to allow various forms of gun violence. It is due to this that several changes have to be made to ensure that the constitution does not create porous portholes that will torture the citizens. (Kinkopf, 2003) The first amendment that I would propose is to create some different ways of taking care of gun control. Since the country has a well-developed army and security management, the level of gun circulating in the nation in the citizen’s hands should be controlled. It is because in the recent past there have been cases of unrest and gun violence that result from people owning guns. (Kurland, Ralph, 1987) The second amendment is based on not removing the guns but regulating their use. I would propose that when disarming the citizens, there should be equality. There has been a scenario in the past whereby the African Americans were disarmed, but the country was reluctant to disable the whites. Therefore, the constitution should be amended to favor all the citizens equally. (Noah, 2018)
The above amendments are needed because they will ensure that everyone is above the law and the history of discrimination has been eradicated. Secondly, it would ensure that the cases of gun violence, which include armed robbery, homicides, and burglary are reduced. It is the main idea behind the amendment of the above the law. Some individuals must be against the above acts. …

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