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Date Nursing Questions and Answers
Views on Complementary and Alternative Medicines
Complementary and alternative medicines provide a reliable and effective alternative to the commercial medicines in the world today. Currently, approximately 40% of adults in the U.S. are using complementary or alternative medicines and therapies. In addition, they have been proven to be safe for use by human beings as they are classified by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine or NCCAM CITATION May151 l 1033 (Mayo Clinic Staff).Moreover, alternative and complementary medicines also help individuals to save the costs they would have used to access medical care by preventing diseases and observing healthy living practices. Thus, alternative and complementary medicines should be embraced and supported by the government to ensure a healthy nation.
The Affordable Care Act in Relation to the Provisions of Medication Access and Cost for Veterans
The Affordable Care Act is a thoughtful, fair and considerate act for the provision of health care especially for veterans. This is because of the health complications that veterans may suffer in connection with their previous experiences. Most veterans not only suffer from physical inflictions, they also suffer from emotional and psychological torture especially if they went to war. Some of these complications extend well into their elderly years after they are long retired. It is only fair to mak…

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