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Module 2 Question
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Some of the problem associated with using the medical/biological model to understand the etiology of the most psychological problem is that the treatment raises ethical concerns. Because biological model implies an extensive use of drugs as means of treatment. And this raises ethical concern as the patient may become addicted to drugs. Besides, there is no evidence to exclusively prove that the state of abnormality is caused definitely by biological differences.
I believe the Biopsychosocial model is more relevant to understanding clients’ emotional difficulties. Because in many or possibly most instances connection regarding to mental disorder as well as maintenance of normative can be viewed as an interplay between environmental exposure and genome-based biology. The key to understanding clients’ emotional difficulties is elucidation environment and genes work together.
According to Wright (2011), disordered partner of behavior is a result of distortion and deviations of the normal functioning. People who are perceived to be normal show everything a mental patient shows, however, what differs is the pattern as well as the accents among others. This implies that psychological disorders are not qualitatively different from normal behavior there is a just extreme expression of normal behavior.
The occurrence of a maladaptive or abnormal behavior is a combination of diathesis (person’s vulnerability) to disorder and…

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