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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: Masters

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Response 1
The first set of responses to the two questions is very well composed and concise. In the first question, the student has mentioned that behavioral abnormality, distress and something opposing to the general culture are considered abnormal. It aligns with the theoretical ideas as anything that is against what the social norms are falling within the boundaries of abnormality. Something worth mentioning here is that these three criteria should be considered all at once rather than isolated ideas since just fulfilling one of them can be misleading CITATION Hoe15 l 1033 (Hoeksema & Recotor, 2015). In the second question, the student has mentioned that being against the social norms has substantial advantages as it represents how a person is going against the regular stream of the society. Only social and behavioral distress is not a good enough reason to define someone to be abnormal as it is common for people to feel distressed in their daily lives because of the personal issues CITATION Bar18 l 1033 (Barlow & Hofmann, 2018).
Response 2
The second student provided more detailed responses but gave more importance to concepts that the first student did not put the focus on. These responses surrounded more around the idea of distress and how one is willing to receive medical help in case of psychological abnormality. Although the idea does define abnormality but is not enough to explain the entire spectrum. Nev…

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