Section 1983 and Correctional Liability (232)

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Section 1983 and Correctional Liability (232)

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Civil Liability in Criminal Justice
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Risks involved in police pursuits and how officers mitigate these risks.
A police pursuit mostly deals with the vehicular chasing of suspected law offenders by the police. Many risks are involved and they result in deaths, injuries, and accidents. One risk encountered by police is over speeding. High speed can cause a lot of harm to the police themselves and the public. Dangers are mostly experienced when common high-speed chase policies are violated. Sometimes cops fail to use seat belts during high-speed chase and speed without lights and sirens activated. Officers and supervisors in command end a pursuit under unsafe high-speed chase in order to avoid accidents.
Another possible risk is night pursuits. Police who are not familiar with an area of the track might have challenges in identifying the possible hideouts of the suspect (Barineau, 1994). The reaction is reduced in night pursuits since vision is limited to head lights. There are high chances of an accident occurring in night trails due to a narrow vision which causes confusion. Evening pursuits can be well done by police who are familiar with an area.
Weather is a common risk in cops patrols. Some atmospheric conditions reduce the efficiency of carrying out a police chase. Fog, ice, and snow reduce visibility, some make the roads sticky. Heavy rains limit vision and speed. Heavy rain, snow, wind, fog, and ice add elements of danger to po…

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