Second Harvest Food Bank

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Second Harvest Food Bank

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Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest Food Bank
Before the Service
Before the activity, my perspective about the food bank was very naïve, and I was not fully aware of the culture of Second Harvest Food Bank. Because I had not worked at the capacity before and did not know anyone else over there, my frame of reference was very narrow. Additionally, I was under the impression that gender roles would have been very defined at the bank because of their ability to deal with poverty and food distribution. One potential bias with my frame of reference was my understanding of what food banks do and the lack of exposure to the capacity. For students, it is necessary to develop a connection before trying to learn something, and in that context, there was a limitation. With the families coming to the bank and students working there, no connection existed which could potentially lead to a lack of rational expectations and something entirely out of the blue.
After the Service
After the service at the food bank, the entire perspective and frame of reference changed. To understand any capacity, it is crucial to have a theoretical and practical context at the same time. If that is not the case, there is a high chance of personal and social bias CITATION Eng16 l 1033 (Engeström, Lompscher, & Rückriem, 2016). Regarding culture, the entire volunteer engagement was a great learning experience and was an efficient way to learn about the culture of the food bank. …

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