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Ms. WagnerPeriod
Traveling is an awesome experience especially a visit to an exciting location with lots of interesting things to see and do. An example of such place is Seattle located in North West Part of America. Out of all the cities, I have visited, Seattle is my favorite city. This is because of the fun-filled activities and interesting facts that make it important. These facts are: The original Starbucks was in Seattle, it is the birthplace of Amazon, it is nicknamed the rainy city, and another interesting fact is that it is one point connecting the world’s largest floating bridge. Apart from the interesting facts about Seattle, there are also a number of captivating things to do such as visiting mountain Raines, hiking, visiting the Boeing factory and also visiting Snoqualmie Falls. It is not only the interesting facts and exciting things to do at Seattle but also some amusing sights to see that makes the place beautiful. Examples of these sights are; lake Washington that creates an amazing view, Space needle, whale watching, and Seattle Aquarium. Other attractions include music entertainment, tours and museums, outdoor activities and shopping in Westfield south Centre which is among the largest shopping centre in the city (Authority). There are so many things to see and do in Seattle because of its various unique facts, landscapes, and sights.
My visits to Seattle are among memories and thrilling experience I cherish. The place is so dear …

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