Seaside Convalescent Care Center

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Seaside Convalescent Care Center

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Seaside Convalescent Care Centre
Having been an administrator for seven months at the Seaside Convalescent Care Centre, Mindy was depressed with her choice of career. Such a mindset can be dangerous in being the starting point of a person’s downfall; therefore, Mindy does not have the right idea for her job. Reason being, an individual who thinks he or she is in the wrong profession, is likely to be reluctant when it comes to unleashing full potential. Mindy’s initial plans of trying to bring positive change in the facility were all excellent, but she ought to have changed them immediately when she noticed that fellow nurses were not cooperative (Nelson 422). Not all workers can be handled by being reasonable with them; some require the manager to be a bit harsh on them.
One main problem at Seaside Convalescent Care Centre is the poor quality treatment it offers to patients. According to the findings of inspectors, the institution was found with many deficiencies. A majority of the nurse aides did not love working at SCCC, and this attitude attributed to them lacking commitment. A possible solution to this problem would have been first to find out exactly why these nurses dislike the medical center (Nelson 423). Maybe it was because it lacked modern standard facilities which made work difficult. The other problem that faced the facility was the threat of nurses quitting the job during summer. To curb this before hiring any worker, …

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